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Patient Portal

Welcome to Patient Portal, Your Medical Home on the Web

With Patient Portal, you can connect with your doctor through a convenient, safe and secure environment.


  • Request appointments
  • View released lab results
  • Request personal health records
  • View/Modify current list of medications and allergies
  • Add dependents to the same portal
  • Access multiple educational materials
  • Receive important notices from Infinity Health
  • Ability to pay your account balances
  • Communicate directly with staff for questions and concerns

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions about Patient Portal that are not addressed in the FAQs, please contact any of our locations or email


How do I enroll in Infinity Health’s Patient Portal?

Token Number:
You can call any of our clinic locations and ask for an Enrollment Token. With this token you can then go to and click CREATE ACCOUNT to finish your registration.

Temporary Username and Password:
If you provide your email address during check in to an appointment you will receive a Temporary Username and Password. With these credentials you can go to and CREATE ACCOUNT or login to finish your registration.

My token is not working, What should I do?

If your token or temporary username and password are not working please contact us at any of our locations.

Do I have to provide an email address while enrolling in Patient Portal?

An email address is not mandatory while enrolling in Patient portal. However, adding an email address will help you reset your password or recover your account on your own without our help. You can also receive notifications when you have a message waiting in your Patient Portal inbox.

What is the Username and Password policy to enroll?

A username must be 6 to 50 characters long. It can be a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters. The username is not case sensitive.

Passwords should be easy to remember but difficult for others to guess. Passwords must be between 8 and 200 characters long and should be alpha-numeric, with at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character. If the password meets the password requirement, the corresponding cross marks (X) will change to check marks.

How does Google Authenticator™ help me to secure my account?

Google Authenticator™ is a mobile security application with two-step verifications to protect your account with an extra layer of security. If you set up two- step verification, you can use Google Authenticator mobile application to receive a unique verification code. It is available for both Android and iOS. Ensure that you have downloaded the Google Authenticator mobile application from Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). If you enable Google authentication for your NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal account, each time you log on to your account, the mobile application will generate a new random code for you to enter. Google Authenticator mobile application also works offline.

Can I opt for Google Authentication after I enroll?

Yes, you can opt for Google Authentication from Accounts Settings.


Can I book appointments from Patient Portal?

You can send an appointment request to be approved by the front desk staff at any of our locations. You will receive an approval or denial notification once it has been reviewed.

Can I save my booked appointments to other calendar or scheduling applications?

Yes, you can export your booked appointment in the .ics format and import them to any calendar application that support the .ics format.

Can I cancel my booked appointment?

No, you will need to call to cancel a confirmed appointment.

Can I cancel a pending appointment request?

Yes, you can cancel pending appointment requests. Access Mail > Sent Items, open the appointment request you want to recall, and then click Recall Appt. Request link.

Lab Results

Can I see lab results on Patient Portal?

Documents and lab results are not automatically uploaded to Patient Portal. They require a provider’s approval before they are uploaded. If you do not see your recent lab results, you should send your provider a secure message from the Patient Portal account asking for the status of a recent lab result. Your provider will send you an electronic copy of the lab result to your inbox. In addition, you can request your latest Health Record from My Chart > Request Health Record after your provider indicates that your lab results have been approved.

Health Records

What is a PHR?

A PHR is a document that contains information from your chart, such as allergies, medications, conditions, lab results, vital signs, immunizations, procedures, insurance, social history, family history, advanced directives, instructions, referral reasons, plan of care, demographic information, and functional status. If allowed by your practice, you can request your PHR by accessing My Chart > Request Health Record. You can download your PHR as a PDF or Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture C-CDA document.

What is a C-CDA Document?

A C-CDA document is like a PHR but uses a health care industry standard to organize information in XML format. You can take this file to other practices or health care entities and they can import the information from this file into their system. A C-CDA will become available in your inbox after the PHR is generated successfully.

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