Jan. 1, 2022

LEON, IA (March 17, 2023) – Infinity Health is proud to be the healthcare home for people of all ages – from newborns to seniors. For older adult patients, we offer services that meet the unique needs of each individual – from preventive care and treatment for common illnesses to more specialized services, including mental health care. It is estimated that 1 in 5 older adults have some type of mental health concern such as anxiety, severe cognitive impairment, and depression.

“There is a common misbelief that depression is a normal part of the aging process,” says Danielle O’Brien-Day, Infinity Health’s Director of Behavioral Health. “This often leads older adults to underreport symptoms of mental illness and experience greater suffering than if these symptoms were treated.”

Patients can access mental health services on site or in the privacy of their own home through telehealth. The convenience of telehealth means you do not have to travel to your appointment and can access services in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home. Patients can access other services through telehealth, including wellness medical exams and non-acute medical care.

Older adult patients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, also receive personalized care at Infinity Health. The healthcare team works with each patient to answer questions and develop a plan to meet individual needs.

Barry Wensel, 78, a semi-retired resident of southern Wayne County on the Missouri border, has accessed services at the Leon and Lamoni clinics for more than ten years. “All the people at Infinity Health are great and have been excellent to deal with,” he says. Mr. Wensel, who is diabetic and has had several heart procedures, also gets prescriptions filled at Infinity Health. “The work of the pharmacy has been outstanding,” says Mr. Wensel. He appreciates the convenience and affordability of the on-site pharmacy in Leon.

Clinical pharmacy staff provide patients with the most affordable treatment and ensure each patient understands the medications they are prescribed. Pharmacy staff also monitor prescription refills and offer face-to-face comprehensive medical reviews for patients.

Leon residents Phil Metcalf, 87, and his wife, Janet, 86, have been Infinity Health patients since the health center opened in 2005. “We are extremely lucky to have Infinity Health in our community,” says Mr. Metcalf.

The couple credits the pharmacy with providing needed medications at a price they can afford. “The 340B prescription drug discount program has been a godsend for us,” says the couple. Through 340B, Mrs. Metcalf is able to get a medication that is normally $700 per month for only $12.50 per month.

As retired pharmacists, Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf know the value of a good pharmacy. “The pharmacy is very personable and they are interested in helping you understand the medications you’re taking,” says Mr. Metcalf.

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 Infinity Health, formerly known as Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa, is a health care provider that offers medical, dental, behavioral, substance use disorder counseling and pharmacy services to residents living in southern Iowa and northern Missouri. Infinity Health offers in-person and telehealth services. The organization was founded in 2005 and is part of the IowaHealth+ partner. Infinity Health has 11 locations in Iowa and Missouri and employs approximately 150 friendly team members. Visit for more information and follow Infinity Health on Facebook.